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Structured Media

Home Media


Many people have experienced the following scenario;

You move into a home and the cable jacks are in the wrong place. You have to move furniture around just to get to the jacks. You ask the "Cable Guy" to install new jacks and he tells you they only do single wall penetration. This means they run cable all over the outside of your home and drill a hole through the outside wall to the interior.

At Rainier Handyman Services we can "fish" the cabling through interior walls and place cable, phone, and data jacks where you want.

New construction, remodel or just creating the perfectly "wired" home, we can help you out.

We can offer a whole home Structured Media Center by Leviton that will allow you to unplug your son or daughter's internet, cable, or phone without disrupting any other systems and without entering their room.

Please look at my gallery for examples of my low voltage work.

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